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Film Faced Shuttering Ply are compressed and densified panels used mainly for formworks in construction. These panels are composed by aligning several layers of phenolic resin-coated veneers, each placed at right angles to each other. The top and bottom veneers are coated with a resistant double layer of water repellent phenolic films such that top film on either side is backed by a highly absorbent kraft sheet which increases resistant and water-resistant properties.

Shuttering Ply possesses balanced construction both parallel and perpendicular to the panel with equal strength in both directions. The phenolic layer is free from dents or pitches on the surface and thus possess a mirror-like finish which imparts a smooth surface to concrete structures. The ply is non-corrosive and can withstand a high alkaline medium with cement concrete. Film-Faced Shuttering Ply maintains unchanged technical characteristics throughout the whole period of use which results in more repetitions than conventional plywoods, thus increasing the value for money of the plywood.

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